Sleaze-Free Marketing With Julia Kline

Does the word marketing make you cringe? Do you feel uncomfortable marketing your books? You’re not alone. Plenty of authors love writing books but are reluctant to market and sell them. Today we share takeaways from Julia Kline’s talk at Author Marketing Live to help you change the way you think about marketing. Kline is the author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling, which is designed to help authors and other business owners create successful and heart-centered marketing strategies.

1. Fix your mindset about yourself, your art, and your business. We believe that our creations have intrinsic value. But when a creation becomes a product, it seems to lose that quality. We need to fix our mindset so that we understand that the intrinsic value doesn’t change when we offer it.

2. Sleaze-free selling offers the intrinsic value of your work while taking into account the reality of the world. You can’t wait for people to discover your books. You need to spread the word. And earning money from your creations allows you to support yourself while creating more.  

3. When you understand that your offering has value, it’s impossible for sales tactics to be sleazy. Heart-centered marketing is about offering your creation to people who need or want it. This is not a sleazy proposition.

4. You’ll feel willing to charge a fair price and talk about your creation without being pushy. Being clear that your book provides information or entertainment (or both!) creates space for you to receive payment for what it’s worth and find your ideal readers.

5. You won’t be devastated when someone says no. You don’t need external validation to know your book’s value. Focus on finding those who need and want what you’re offering and getting your books into their hands.

Have you had a hard time marketing your books in the past? Are you ready to shift your mindset? We invite you to share in the comments below your experience and what’s next in your own journey to successful authorpreneurship. We’ll keep sharing more Author Marketing Live takeaways and other resources right here. Be sure to sign up for regular updates from the Captain’s Blog: Publishing so you won’t miss any of these posts!