Hunter Boyle’s Six Vital Email Ingredients for Your Author Platform

In the past, we’ve shared the importance of building your fan base on a platform you control.  Having direct access to your readers means that you have no extra gatekeepers to control how and when you communicate. Email is still the best way to do that. So, how do you get readers to join your email list? Hunter Boyle, the leader of business development for AWeber, presented his top tips at Author Marketing Live in Build Your Legion of Readers and Fans With Email. Today we’ll share Six Vital Email Ingredients to help you find your true fans.

1. Pitches and promos aren’t everything.  If your email content is mostly sales pitches, there isn’t much in it for your readers. Offer something informative or entertaining to make it worth their while. Do let people know where they can buy your books, but don’t let that be the lion’s share of your content.

2. Include at least one exclusive. Exclusive content is a great incentive for people to sign up for your list. Offer premium content or a special section of your website to reward your fans who offer you access to their inboxes.  

3. Play up the personal angle. Promote yourself, not just your books. Let people know who you are, what your process is, and what inspires you. Tell them what you’re reading and researching. Create a relationship with your readers.

4. Interact with your audience. Ask and answer questions or provide a survey to see what your people need and want to hear.

5. Feature your audience. Pass along helpful and relevant content from your readers and stories about how your work has inspired in others.

6. Start with a warm welcome. Set expectations (for example, You’ll receive a weekly update…), let them get to know you, and ask them questions about themselves. Send your fans to your website and social media platforms.

How many of these suggestions are you currently taking advantage of? Is there one takeaway here that you can apply now? Are your inspired to run with other ideas? We invite you to share in the comments below what’s next in your own journey to successful authorpreneurship. We learned so much from Boyle that we’ll be providing even more tips from this talk later on in this blog. So, be sure to sign up for regular updates from the Captain’s Publishing Blog so you won’t miss any of these posts!