You don't need to figure it out alone


If you feel stuck …

If you don’t know what to do next …

If you can’t get past a block …

a One-Time Story Grid Consultation can help.

Leslie gave me great advice! Everything she talked about was fixable. You have no idea how helpful this is to have your story reviewed by an editor with her keen eye.
— Sheila Lischwe, author of a psychological thriller
Sheila Lischwe testimonial for Leslie Watts.

One call might be all it takes


Sometimes you need help with a sticking point. One call with an expert editor might be all you need to get unstuck, free your creativity, and move forward with your story.

A one-time Story Grid consultation includes a one-hour call with me to discuss what your challenge is, what your options are to overcome it, and next steps. If you’ve been through the Story Grid Diagnostic, we can work through the recommendations in your next steps letter. If not, we can discuss whatever you’re struggling with and apply Story Grid and other writing principles.



A One-Time Story Grid Consultation includes:

  • A One-Hour Phone Consultation
    We’ll discuss your current challenge, and I’ll help get you unstuck. I’ll review up to 2,000 words of your written scene or outline.

  • Customized Writing Assignments
    I’ll offer customized suggestions to help you overcome the challenge.

  • Email Support
    Two weeks of email support following our call.

Investment: $175


Secure your spot in my calendar now.



Don’t stay stuck.

Melinda McDonald testimonial for Leslie Watts.
Leslie really encourages up-and-coming writers like me. It’s very heartening to have someone read a work-in-progress and offer helpful advice.
— Melinda McDonald, author of The Home Front