Writership Podcast Slack Community


Find support and Accountability in community

A Writership community is something that's been on my wish list for a time. The podcast wouldn't exist without brave writers submitting their scenes and listeners who want to get better at writing and storytelling. I've spoken with many writers who listen and submit to the podcast, so I know this group is particualrly creative, encouraging, and committed. It makes sense to combine our strengths, but I hadn't found a sustainable way to make it work before now.

I've been using Slack with a few different organizations for about a year, and it has all the elements I've been looking for. It takes a little getting used to, but I've seen people who don't feel tech savvy master it quickly. You can access it from the web, a desktop app, or mobile device, so you choose how (and how often) you engage.

I've set up a Slack space for us where we can discuss writing, ask questions, and share challenges, successes, and insights. Click here to join us.

If you could use a friendly and supportive accountability group where you can post your goals and share your progress, join the accountability channel once you’re a member of the Podcast space.

If you have questions about the community, how to access it, or anything podcast or writing-related, email me anytime at hello@writership.com.