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If you have an idea but no complete draft …

If you’re stuck in a story you know isn’t working …

If you don’t know what to do next …

Story Grid to Done Coaching can help.

I honestly loved the feedback Leslie gave me. It was great hearing some real time reactions to my work! I’ve since rebranded my story and now have three published audiobooks from it.
— Colby R. Rice, author of Ghosts of Koa
Colby R. Rice testimonial for Leslie Watts.

What if you could have your own private version of the podcast?


This service is "from the ground up" editing guidance. It's based on the structure of the Story Grid Podcast, but since the private weekly consultations are with me, we'll have discussions similar to those you hear on the Writership Podcast. This can begin as early as the first spark of a story idea and go through the final draft.

Consultations with an expert editor will help you stay accountable for your writing goals, grow your self-editing skills, and guide you in completing your work

Whether you’re a new writer and not sure where to start, or an experienced writer who wants support to continue to grow in the craft, you can benefit from Story Grid to Done Coaching.

This services includes a one-hour coaching call each week. We can discuss your progress each week, or better still, you can submit scenes for me to review and discuss. The practice of writing scenes and receiving immediate suggestions for course correction creates a tight feedback loop that shortens the learning curve for the writing process. Again, this is similar to the process Tim and Shawn have used on their podcast.

If you have an idea you want to develop but no complete draft, we would begin by exploring the six core questions to nail down the story you want to tell. Then we would work on your fastball: planning and executing scenes. As you gain proficiency, we move into higher levels of story structure: sequences, acts, subplots, and the global story.

All this will move you toward finally finishing a story that you're really proud of.



Story Grid to Done Coaching includes:


  • Four One-Hour Phone Consultations
    We’ll talk each week for four weeks, to discuss your questions and my analysis of your writing.

  • Customized Writing Assignments
    Every week I’ll assign you customized homework to help improve your skills and your manuscript.

  • Detailed Feedback on Submitted Assignments
    Every writer is at a different place in his or her journey. I’ll provide feedback on your submitted assignments including suggested next steps you can take to level-up as a writer. It’ll be like your own personal, private version of the feedback given on the Writership Podcast, except you’ll get to ask questions and talk it through in our phone consultations.

Investment: $700 for four weekly meetings


My promise to you

Wherever you are in your writing journey, I promise to create a tight feedback loop that will shorten your learning curve and guide you toward completing your story.

I block time in my calendar for Story Grid to Done Coaching sessions, and have a limited availability each week.

Schedule a free 30-minute call to talk about fitting you in.



Don’t walk away from another unfinished story.

Jess Hudson testimonial for Leslie Watts.
I’ve not really shared any of my writing with anyone before—I suppose from some fear of someone telling me it was crap and me losing my confidence. But Leslie had such lovely things to say about my story, and her feedback has definitely given me a boost!

I don’t feel quite so much now that writing is just something I should be doing for myself. Maybe other people would want to read some too!
— Jess Hudson, author of Osweyth

Let's talk about finishing your story.