Do you ever wonder if your writing is “good enough”?

Do you want to do this writing thing right and know you need an editor, but worry it won’t be worth the investment? And are you worried if you do hire an editor, they won’t get your work, or they’ll sterilize your voice?

You’re not alone. Almost all writers face these fears.

But when editing is done right, it makes the author’s voice shine. It sees into the heart of the writer and coaxes their story into brilliance. It’s an art. This is the type of editing we specialize in.

I'm a certified Story Grid editor who helps authors unearth the treasure in their manuscripts. 

Through the podcast and blog, I support fiction writers in mastering self-editing skills, and I offer editing services to help writers turn their good stories into great ones.


Leslie Watts, Executive Editor

Leslie Watts, Executive Editor at Writership

I’m Writership’s founder and Executive Editor. I co-host the Writership Podcast with Clark and share self-editing insights on the Captain’s Blog. Since starting my career as an attorney and editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Criminal Law, I’ve gone on to edit hundreds of stories, including those of New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors, and books featured on Fox, ABC, NBC, Business Insider, and Audible’s Highest Rated Audiobooks. 

I love helping people tell their stories and editing fiction to bring forth the author’s voice. I also find fulfilment in teaching writers to self-edit, which I do through Writership and guest appearances on shows including the Self-Publishing Podcast, the Authority Self-Publishing Podcast, and the Book Editor Show

Through all this, I’ve continued my personal writing practice and have met with my writing partner on Sunday nights at six o’clock for over fifteen years. 

I live in Austin, Texas with my patient husband, two rambunctious kids, and two cats named Lady Gwendolyn and Captain Grimm.