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Leslie Watts

I'm an editor, author, blogger, and podcaster. I've been writing for as long as I can remember: a magazine about cats in sixth grade, staff writer for my college newspaper, editor in chief of my law journal, and journaling while writing for an appellate judge. When the dust settled after my children were born, I launched Writership with my writer pals. I live in Austin, Texas with my patient husband, two rambunctious kids, and two cats named Lady Gwendolyn and Captain Grimm. 

Fun Facts

When I'm not Writing

When I’m not editing or writing, I hang out with my family, go on adventures outside, play LEGO and pretend, and watch British television. I like to knit, take lots of walks, cook paleo for my kids, and eat lots of dark chocolate. I talk and think about writing and jot down ideas. I connect with friends, especially my writing ones. I do hard stuff, like feel tough feelings and live within my integrity. I do easy things like sink into a British Whodunit. I obsess about stories and the ideal way to do this or that. I meditate, read the I Ching, and listen to audio books. I have wild ideas. I read parenting books and talk about it. A lot. I talk about how if everyone's needs were met and we’re all pursuing our dreams, there would be no war, there would be no need. We would remember our deep connection to one another and just be in love with life.

What I Write

Writing practice, nonfiction, blog posts, and currently at work on a series of magic punk stories. 

Favorite Authors/Books

Salman Rushdie, Ann Patchett, David Mitchell. Alan Bradley, Julian Barnes, Toni Morrison, Diana Gabaldon, JRR Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, George RR Martin, Dave Eggers, Michael Chabon, Alice Munro, Elizabeth Gilbert. Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates. Jennifer Egan. Charles Dickens, Ursula K Leguin, Orson Scott Card, Hilary Mantel, JK Rowling, Robin Grille, Michael Pollan

Favorite TV Shows

Anything on Sunday night on PBS, especially Jane Austen adaptations, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, The Paradise, Foyle’s War, and Zen. Wives & Daughters, Midsomer Murders, Kingdom, Vikings, Game of Thrones

Favorite Movies

Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, Happy, Studio Ghibli films, Harry Potter films, Examined Life, Stephen Fry in America, A Single Man, The King’s Speech

Favorite Music

1980s music, old Christmas music, Philip Glass, Rachmaninoff, They Might Be Giants, movie soundtracks.

Personality Types

Enneagram 3, MBTI ENFP

Something Not Everyone Knows About Me

  • I hugged Former President Bill Clinton at his book signing.
  • I play Rock Band with my cousin.
  • I have monkey bars inside my house.
  • I’ve never seen E.T.
  • I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and lived to tell about it.