The Daily Port of Call: November 21, 2014

Alexander Lvov/

Alexander Lvov/

During the month of NaNoWriMo, the Captains of Writership will be participating in this great sprint to write a novel in thirty days. In lieu of the news and recent posts we usually share in the Daily Port of Call, we’ll be passing along links to some of our favorite articles and resources on a variety of topics. In our year-long, online writing program, we follow the steps of the writing journey from idea to publication. We’ll mirror that structure here, spending a week exploring each of Writership’s Anchors: Dreamtime, Writing the First Draft, Revision, and Publishing and Marketing.

This week we share resources to help you edit your novel.

Discover whether you really need a book editor and what you should pay.

Learn the answers to your questions about working with an editor: How do you find the right editor for your book?

Here are five ways an editor is a like a dentist.

Receiving a critique of your work can be emotionally challenging. Don’t let it throw you. Here are tips to make the most of another’s critique of your work.

Here are ten writing mistakes to avoid.

Discover the secret weapon of every successful writer.

Ignore most of the advice you receive from your critique group, but join one anyway.

Find out why it’s so hard to catch your own typos.