The Daily Port of Call: November 28, 2014

Alexander Lvov/

Alexander Lvov/

During the month of NaNoWriMo, the Captains of Writership will be participating in this great sprint to write a novel in thirty days. In lieu of the news and recent posts we usually share in the Daily Port of Call, we’ll be passing along links to some of our favorite articles and resources on a variety of topics. In our year-long, online writing program, we follow the steps of the writing journey from idea to publication. We’ll mirror that structure here, spending a week exploring each of Writership’s Anchors: Dreamtime, Writing the First Draft, Revision, and Publishing and Marketing. 

This week, we dive into publishing and marketing. In today’s Daily Port of Call, we share tips on author websites, blogs, and social media.

Learn these eight new blogging rules for writers.

Problogger shares six things to do with your blog posts after you hit publish.

Understanding the author website: Your book is the car; your blog is the driveway.

Here is a collection of posts on how to blog effectively as an author without taking too much time away from your work in progress.

What key trait sets successful bloggers apart?

Tips for growing your email list: “The ‘experts’ say you’ve got to offer freebies, discounts, value-value-value, and other double-horned unicorns. In all this marketing hype and posturing, the fact that there are actual human beings on the other end of every email list is mostly lost.”

Should you blog your novel?

What should new and aspiring authors write on their blogs? Here are five tips to help you get started.

The design of your website matters. “And the truth is, you only have about ten seconds to win over an agent, editor, or casual reader when they click on your website.”

Here are five visual content tools for writers.

A website is important for your author platform. Check out these 15 website essentials.

Find out how to create a blog plan for any type of book.

Check out these helpful Twitter tips.

Here are four mistakes that writers make on Twitter.

What do you need to know to compose a great social media update?

Here are three Twitter tips you might not know about.

“Twitter is the only social media channel that is always abuzz with the most up-to-date news on every topic. No other social media network carries the immediacy or scope of Twitter.” Discover the ultimate Twitter guide for writers.

Check out these thirteen great Facebook Pages for writers.

Learn how to make your social media time worthwhile (and when enough is enough).