The Daily Port of Call: February 14, 2014

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

In the Valentine’s Day issue of the Daily Port of Call, you’ll find literature’s 25 most memorable love affairs, how to write a love letter, and 150 love stories for every romantic mood.

Here are literature’s 25 most memorable love affairs. Some of them might surprise you.

10 quotes from great authors on love.

Do you want to write a love letter today? Writership to the rescue!

How to write effective sex scenes from Diana Gabaldon. “Where most beginning writers screw up (you should pardon the expression) is in thinking that sex scenes are about sex. A good sex scene is about the exchange of emotions, not bodily fluids.” 

Here is John Steinbeck on falling in love.

And finally, 150 love stories for every romantic mood.