The Daily Port of Call: March 18, 2014

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

In today’s Daily Port of Call, you’ll find how to turn routine into inspiration, what percentage of Americans visit public libraries, and why we write until it’s right.

How can you turn routine into inspiration?

As a writer, do you sometimes experience fear? Find out how fear is like an unintentional story that we tell ourselves and what to do about it.

According to the Pew Research Internet Project, nearly 80 percent of Americans visit public libraries.

Is it easier to write about happiness  or its opposite?

Find out why we write until it’s right: The importance of checking your grammar and punctuation.

When you translate Lorem Ipsum , the “phoney Latin dummy text that’s been used by printers and typesetters since the 16th century,” you might be surprised at what you find.