The Daily Port of Call: April 22, 2014

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

In today’s Daily Port of Call, you’ll visit the O, Miami poetry festival; learn how to write the perfect first page of your novel; and start that story just where you ought.

Visit the O, Miami poetry festival: “Once people can speak to each other they can begin to understand each other, and so the focus of the festival has been negotiating those different spaces so we can create a cohesive, inclusive and diverse literary community that is representative of Miami.”

One author shares her top five pieces of writing advice. Among them is don’t buy a big desk.

Here is how to write the perfect first page of your novel, and here are more tips from the same author.

Stephen King updated his recommended reading list from On Writing. Read on! “You could do worse.”

You want to grab the reader's attention right away. Just don’t let your action come too early. “[S]tart your story just before the protagonist’s life intersects with the antagonist’s agenda.”

The browser extension you have been waiting for your whole life, figuratively speaking.