The Daily Port of Call: April 10, 2014

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

In today’s Daily Port of Call, you’ll find traditional Afghan verse used by women to express themselves, how to improve an already excellent story, and how to create believable high stakes for your characters.

A landay is a traditional two-line Afghan verse form currently used by Afghan women to express themselves when other avenues are forbidden to them.

Scared of failing? Ask yourself these questions. Among them is, “What’s truly worth doing, whether you fail or succeed?”

Here are five questions you can ask to improve an already excellent story.

A writer explores how to balance writing with family life.

How you can create believable high stakes for your characters: “Always keep this in mind: the risk a character is willing to make has to be equal to the “penalty” they will pay if they don’t take it, and it’s commensurate to the value the character places on the thing at risk.”

A writer thinks about how to take the long view and develop “ourselves into the kind of writers that readers can trust for openness that isn’t just sensationalism.”