The Daily Port of Call: July 24, 2014

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

In today’s Daily Port of Call, you’ll find tips for your second scene, why you should hack apart your favorite stories, and how to tackle your rewrite.

Include a measuring stick at the beginning of your story: Write a scene that reveals a normal day in the life of your main character as scene two.

Don’t just read for pleasure: Find out why you should mercilessly hack apart your favorite stories.

Tackling your rewrite: “That first session, I sat down and purged what was in my head with no thoughts of where it was going. Those opening pages were probably the strongest of the entire manuscript.”

The first Man Booker prize to admit novels written in English from around the world has published its longlist.

Are self-published book awards right for you? Find out by asking yourself these questions.