The Daily Port of Call: July 28, 2014

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

In today’s Daily Port of Call, you’ll find the secret to making your book un-put-down-able, how to write about circumstances you haven’t experienced, and the six danger stages and how to overcome them.

Here is the secret to making your book un-put-down-able. “Readers read because there’s something in a story that piques their curiosity. There’s something they don’t know about the characters, the setting, or the plot—and it’s driving them absolutely crazy!”

How do you write about circumstances you haven’t experienced? “Imagining is the job of the fiction writer. This is what we do, every time we sit down in front of a blank page. It seems as if we’re working with no more than a keyboard or pen and paper, but that’s not true. We have at our disposal every person we’ve ever known, every experience we’ve ever had, seen, heard and felt.”

Discover the six danger stages where writers get tripped up when writing a book or blog, and learn how to overcome them.

Google Docs has added a track changes feature for editing. “But Google Docs has had one major flaw that’s kept it from being a truly awesome collaborative tool: no easy way to track changes made during the editing process.”

Here are ten writing mistakes to avoid.

These three truths can see you through times when you feel confused and discouraged.