The Daily Port of Call: August 8, 2014

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

In today’s Daily Port of Call, you’ll find approaches to the use of an unreliable narrator, five ways that an editor is like a dentist, and the secret to writing.

Explore voice and structure. “If a plot requires a point of view character to deceive the reader—to be an unreliable narrator—that character’s voice requires careful control. The writer may use this character to lead the reader down a false trail, or conceal something that will later be the turning point of the story.”

Discover the joy and benefits of writing longhand.

Here are five ways that an editor is like a dentist.

What if every writing problem was a gift?

The secret to writing is writing. Really. That’s it.”

Bad meditation can inspire better writing. “What I’ve found is that some of the thoughts are random and useless. Other thoughts, however, have purpose. Those purposeful thoughts are generally on the topic of whatever story I’m working on. And they are like fireflies blinking their little thought lights at me, illuminating things about the plot or characters that hadn’t been able to slow down enough to ponder.”