Pictures & Prompts 208

To whet your appetite and keep your writing fingers limber, take a good look at the photo, or let a prompt settle in your mind. Set a timer for a reasonable amount of time, be that five, fifteen, or thirty minutes. Then start writing.

Image credit:  Subbotina Anna/

Image credit:  Subbotina Anna/


Write a wintery fairy tale in which fantastical creatures come out when it snows. Perhaps an epic snow ball fight to the death? Or maybe fairies who’ve come to help a family of humans in danger.


Some say that the snow queen in Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of the same name was inspired by an opera singer who spurned his advances. Write about an unrequited love in your life or a time when you had to let someone down gently.


Write an article for new homeowners with tips for winterizing their homes.


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