Episode 34: Chasing Status Quo: YA SF/Mystery Critique


Leslie & Alyssa discuss prologues, openings, establishing the genre, character relationships, and sensory detail in this critique of the opening of Melissa Bieman’s Chasing Status Quo.

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Show Notes

But where should you start your story—and when—given that it makes such a difference in the story’s success or failure? For example, right now you’re in a room with a talking penguin, a woman with a gun, and someone hiding behind a potted plant. From your perspective, you might want to rewind events to a point where you can make more sense of it all. However, many writing instructors suggest starting the story as late as possible. What does “late” mean? It often means that moment at which maximum dramatic tension occurs without the loss of so much context about character, setting, and other elements that the drama is meaningless or confusing.
— Jeff Vandermeer

Here's the article Leslie mentioned about prologues.

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