Episode 63: Action-Adventure Romance Critique

Episode Description

In this episode, Leslie and Alyssa critique the opening of Michael Walsh's Posted as Missing, an action-adventure romance. They discuss genre, traumatic events and how to include them in fiction, underwriting, strong verbs, echoes, and foreign languages. This episode has adult language and disturbing images. 

Also, Alyssa bid a fond farewell to the Writership Podcast. Her insight and presence will be missed, but we wish her well in her new adventures.


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Show Notes

Underwriting is just what it sounds like: it’s the failure to put things on the page that need to be there. When somebody picks up a gun and fires it off, and we didn’t know there was a gun on stage, that’s underwriting. When someone makes a decision completely out of the blue, leaving us not so much surprised as confused, that’s underwriting.
— Rachel Starr Thompson

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