Episode 74: Hanna's Hearts: Romance/Science Fiction Critique

Episode Description

In this episode, Leslie and Clark critique the opening pages of Bobbie Carlton-Hess's Hanna's Hearts, an as yet unpublished Romance/Science Fiction novel. They discuss backstory and ways to convey what's important for the reader to know as well as polarizing topics.


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Show Notes

Whether the story you’re writing is speculative or not, the key to building your strange world is actually counter-intuitive. What you have to do is pretend to “take it for granted” that everyone—characters and readers—have a basic understanding of your world.

I say “pretend” because, of course, you can’t take it for granted at all. You simultaneously have to assume your readers know zilch. This is where the delicate dance begins.
— K. M. Weiland

Editorial Mission—Check Your Polarizing Issues

If you have a divisive or polarizing issue—like religion, gender, or race—great! These hot topics yield lots of conflict that can fuel your story. But, consider the story reason for including it and check that the way you present it achieves your purpose.  


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