The Daily Port of Call: September 12, 2014

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

Photo by Alexander Lvov/

In today’s Daily Port of Call, you’ll find more great resources from the speakers at Author Marketing Live.

Sterling and Stone is the new collaboration of authors and podcasters Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright. Under this umbrella, they gather all of their joint projects, including the Self-Publishing Podcast, Fiction Unboxed, and their Realm & Sands and Collective Inkwell imprints. Write. Publish. Repeat. The No-Luck-Required, Guide to Self-Publishing Success is a book in which these prolific authors share their writing and publishing journey with plenty of tips for authors. They’ve teamed up with author Garrett Robinson to bring the Nuts and Bolts video series to writers who want help with the how-to’s of self-publishing. Dream Engine is the book planned, written, and edited in thirty days during their Fiction Unboxed project in June.

 J. Thorn is a successful horror author and podcaster who uses his skills to support the self-publishing community. He wrote Formatting Your eBook (Using Word & Basic HTML to Format a Title by Yourself) to demystify the technical aspects of formatting e-books. He’s organized and formatted several multi-author box sets, and recently organized and published a collaborative novel with nine other authors, called The Black Fang Betrayal. Listen to The Horror Writers Podcast with his co-host Richard Brown for discussions on writing and authorship that apply to all genres.

David H. Lawrence XVII is a multi-media talent with experience in tv, film, radio, and podcasting. As the narrator of over 100 books, he brings a wide range of characters to life. He created vo2GoGo, a comprehensive site for voiceover performers. If you want to make professional audiobooks that you can sell through Audible, vo2GoGo classes will help you learn the performance, business, and technical skills you need to create a high-quality product. Subscribe to daily voiceover tips here