Episode 72: Bloodbound: Paranormal Fantasy/Horror Critique

Episode Description

In this episode, Leslie and Clark critique the opening pages of Sarah Brett's Bloodbound, an as yet unpublished paranormal fantasy/horror novel. They discuss active opening scenes, scenes and sequels, character motivation, and literal and metaphoric elements. 


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Show Notes

[U]nderstand what makes a great hook. Begin with a problem (scene), not THINKING (sequel). The problem doesn’t need to be earth-shattering, and if it is, make sure it’s something you can outdo later. Don’t have the biggest loop of your roller coaster at the front of the ride or everything else will be anticlimactic.
— Kristen Lamb

Editorial Mission: Strong Verbs

Your opening is a scene and should contain the basic elements: a character with a goal, someone or something standing in the way of the goal, and success or failure in achieving the goal. Assess your opening to make sure you have these necessary components.


Other items and resources

If you enjoyed Sarah's story, you can find her books other books here and follow her here.

Clark mentioned The Emotion Thesaurus, a great resource to help you show rather than tell about emotions.

You can find Clark’s latest book, Hank Hudson and the Anubis, here.


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