Episode 24: The Feedback Loop: Cyberpunk/Techno Thriller Critique

Alyssa & Leslie critique the first section of Harmon Cooper’s The Feedback Loop. They discuss how the POV and tense works for the genre, repetitive sentence structure, and dialogue (and its punctuation).

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Show Notes

Want to read on? Check out The Feedback Loop on Amazon. Book 2 in the series, Steampunk is Dead, is available for pre-order now (releases Spetember 23, 2015).

Also, be sure to check out Harmon's website to see the rest of his books and where they are available. 

To those who care about punctuation, a sentence such as “Thank God its Friday” (without the apostrophe) rouses feelings not only of despair but of violence. The confusion of the possessive “its” (no apostrophe) with the contractive “it’s” (with apostrophe) is an unequivocal signal of illiteracy and sets off a Pavlovian “kill” response in the average stickler.
— Lynne Truss

Inline Critique